Our Contributors

Supporting Our Community & Independent Professionals

At Lamano, supporting and promoting our community and economy is highly important to us which is why we intentionally chose to work with local and independent professionals.

We are proud to showcase these highly passionate and talented women who not only played a critical role in bringing Lamano’s vision to life, but also continues to inspire us at Lamano daily. Their contributions are integral to our success and deserve to be shared with the world.


Biochemist, Cosmetic Formulator

A research scientist and plant extraction expert with a bachelor of science in biochemistry, Kenna actively works alongside scientific researchers at universities across Canada, natural health product industry leaders and expert consultants to develop high performance, sustainable cosmetics that are good for people and the planet. Kenna offers consultation services for beauty businesses in areas of product formulation, supply chain management, stability and efficacy testing, quality assurance and quality control, manufacturing resources, local and international regulations and sustainability assessments.

It was a pleasure to work with Rachel at Lamano in preparation of her launch. As someone who works on a lot of formulas for various brands, Lamano stands out in their approach to skin care and mindfulness with a focus on taking the time each day to connect with ourselves and appreciate all that our hands do for us. I am excited to see Lamano grow and impact the lives of others through mindful beauty.


Marketing Consultant

Bernedette is a marketing consultant that specializes in brand and marketing strategy. Her experience ranges from working with established brands looking to rebrand themselves and tap into new markets, to startups looking for guidance on how to grow. Her purpose is to help entrepreneurs gain the clarity and strategy they need to move towards their business goals. All of Bernedette's strategies are based on research as she aims to get to know her client's business and industry like the back of her hand by the time she presents their custom strategies.

I worked closely with the founder of Lamano, Rachel to develop Lamano's purpose-driven brand. A brand that she can use to guide all of Lamano's business and marketing decisions, as well as attract the right audience. Rachel is driven by her true desire to make a positive impact on the environment and her customers so finding Lamano's brand purpose came naturally. After completing the brand strategy, I developed Lamano's website copy to communicate the brand clearly to its new and existing customers.


Branding Expert & Graphic Designer

Beatriz is a graphic designer with years of branding experience specializing in clean, modern, and minimal visual identities. Her priority is to provide you with a complete design experience, accompany you every step of the way to the brand of your dreams and create enduring solutions that clarify purpose, inspire loyalty, and help you stand out in the crowd. She loves imparting personality and storytelling in her projects with fonts, color palettes, and unique pattern and texture combinations. Her design process is centered around getting to know her clients, as their personalities and stories often drive the branding.

Working with Rachel and contributing to this unique, beautiful project has been a pleasure for me. Creating the main logo and its variations as part of the development of Lamano's visual identity has been a wonderful experience because I feel very connected with the brand. I also defined visual guidelines for the brand before applying them to collaterals such as product packaging, web design, social media among others so that visual consistency is maintained across all materials associated with the project.


Photographer & Filmmaker

Tanvi is an award-winning, BIPOC, female photographer & filmmaker with over 10 years of experience producing visual content for brands and businesses. As a photographer with a degree in advertising, Tanvi's approach to producing photography for her clients is human centered & around what makes the customer tick. She is passionate about working with young entrepreneurs, female-led start-ups, and environmentally conscious brands. While she is an artist at heart, being able to produce visual content that positively impacts her client's bottom line, is what drives her.

Lamano is a labour of love, patience & hard work. From my very first conversation with Rachel, I could see how much of herself she has poured into creating these products and this brand. Working with her in the weeks prior to the photoshoot, I had a unique insight into the love, care, and the attention to detail that has gone into building this brand. I was instantly drawn to Rachel's positive energy and passion for creating a high-quality product that delivers on its promise. Not only is she a visionary, but she backs it up with the clear-headed precision and organization skills of a seasoned business-owner. As a photographer, this is very hard to come by, so I call Rachel my "unicorn client".

The products themselves are unlike anything I've ever used before, the scents and touch and feel of the cuticle oil transported me into a feeling of nostalgia. I didn't think cuticle oil could do this, but it opened me up to a beautiful new way to practice self-love & care!! Lamano has now become an integral part of my morning routine. Working with Rachel to produce images for the launch of Lamano was a deeply satisfying experience and one I cherish because it reminds me of why I became a photographer, to work with passionate young entrepreneurs and produce work that sparks joy!