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Every Ingredient Has A Purpose

We are intentional about everything that we do. With the blend of our carefully selected, evidence-based ingredients and aromatherapeutic essential oils, experience nourishment not only through your hands and nails, but also through your mood and wakefulness (or restfulness).

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Safe For You & The Planet

We believe that we should always give back what we take to our beloved planet. That's why we opted for sustainable, natural, and cruelty-free ingredients and packaging.

Your purchase with us is making a difference, so join us in nourishing each other and our planet together.

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We’re here to help you nourish your mind, hands, soul and restore our planet.

“I believe that the smallest acts of self-care can make a huge difference in our lives. I know that if you start off your day by taking care of yourself, it will set the tone for the rest of your day. Feeling good is not only good for you, but also a contagious emotion to those around you!”
Rachel Ramos, Founder of Lamano & Certified Nail Technician
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Kind Words By Kind Souls

"I thoroughly enjoyed this cuticle oil. It effectively hydrated my cuticles, as well as my hands. The scent is beautiful, and a perfect morning pick me up."- The Uplifter

-Quynh, @minimalist.gelineer

"I love the scents! This helps me set an intention for the day. I have noticed more moisturized cuticles since beginning to use this cuticle oil."- The Uplifter

- Alexandra D.

"The smell is very earthy and light. Love starting my day with a few peaceful moments for myself. The texture is the perfect consistency for smooth application. A litle goes a long way." - The Uplifter

- Andrea D., @akdelv87

1 love how this cuticle oil keeps my nails moisturized and protected from the elements of the environment." - The Balancer

- Cathy

"I like the lavender scent in this one. It's really nice to use before bed." - The Calmer

- Dana, @danaturenails

"My favourite one! I love everything about this oil. The scent is perfect for winding down and has been a great addition to my nighttime routine."- The Calmer

- Bianca L.,@biancadonnaleon

"Wonderful. Love the aromatherapy concept, love the formula on all three!! So nice for keeping my nails looking great!"- The Trio

- Christina R., @magicalgirlmanis

"Every time I used the oils my nails have literally never looked healthier and have never looked better. I notice an instant difference." - The Trio

- Meg M., @nailzby.meg

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