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Do you test your products on animals?

Animals do not have a voice and they do not have a choice. At Lamano, we wholeheartedly believe it’s our duty to be their voice! We have gone to great lengths to ensure all of our end products and all of our raw ingredients have not been tested on animals.

Are you certified under the Leaping Bunny Program? 

Yes! We are certified under the Leaping Bunny program.

Are your products safe for pregnant women?

We have made an intentional effort to ensure that all of our products are inclusive and safe for everyone, including pregnant women. If you have any safety concerns toward a specific ingredient, we highly recommend you to check with your physician prior to finalizing your purchase. To see a full list of ingredients, you can find this information in the Ingredients highlight menu of each product.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Unopened products are stable for up to two years from the date of manufacture, so long as they’re stored in ideal conditions (cool, dry, and dark place). 

Upon opening, most of our products should be used within six months. Please check the packaging/labels of each product and find the jar symbol with a number on it. The number represents the number of months the product should be used from the date of being opened. 

What is considered ideal storing conditions?

The best place to store your Lamano products is in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Do any of your products contain water?

Our products do not contain water. Water scarcity is a real concern for our planet, so as a brand who cares deeply for our planet, our goal is to minimize our water footprint as much as possible, starting with our product formulations.

Why do you use amber bottle packaging?

It’s important to us that we protect the integrity of our products so you can enjoy their optimal benefits for as long as possible. Amber bottles play an important role in providing a protective barrier between the formulas and the damaging effects UV rays could have on them.

What is your secondary product packaging made of?

Our box packaging is made of 100% post-consumer materials and embedded with wildflower seeds, making it 100% biodegradable. We are advocates for the planet that is why we made it our primary goal to be zero-waste. We are proud to have achieved that by offering packaging that gives back to our planet. 

For each product purchased (and planted), you are contributing to your local ecosystem such as habitats for the declining bee population, butterflies and birds. How beautiful is that?

How do I plant Lamano’s seed paper packaging?

Cover the seeded paper with 1/8” of soil, place it in a sunny spot and water often! That’s it. Enjoy this Lamano experience and watch your wildflowers bloom!

The planet thanks you. Lamano thanks you. The bees thank you. All the beautiful species thank you.

If you have a Lamano Floral Garden you would love for us to feature, please tag us @lamanobeauty and #lamanofloralgarden on Instagram.

Are the seeds in your seed paper packaging Non-GMO?

Yes. All the seeds that are handled by the manufacturer are of the highest quality and germination.

How do I recycle my amber bottles?

We are on a mission to achieve full circularity, not only as one brand but as a community of brands through an incredible brand-agnostic recycling collection program with Pact Collective.

Steps to recycle with Pact Collective:

1. Empty and clean your bottles

2. Find a Pact Recycling Bin near you and dispose of your clean empties. Click here to locate your nearest Pact bin. If there is no Pact bin nearby, you can mail it to Pact Collective through their collection program.

Learn more about the Pact Collective recycling program here.

I ordered two Companion Pouches but they're not identical

Our Companion Pouches are handmade with love by local seamstresses - one by one, by hand. We take pride in collaborating with independent professionals, resulting in unique pouches, where no two are alike.

If you don’t see a question here that addresses your concern(s), please feel free to reach out to us hello@lamanobeauty.com. We will be happy to respond to your inquiry within 1-2 business days. Great customer service is something we strive for.